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Smartall Botanical Beverage (Boy)
Yam with Bitter Gourd & Liquorice

6盒喜迈高 - 天然复合草本植物饮品(男)

Smartall for BOYS does not only help a boy to grow taller, but supplements vital energy, soothes the liver, relieves depression, develops muscles and improves his nutrient absorption, physical quality as well as his learning ability.
喜迈高(男)能帮助身高发育,补充能量、 还能补肾益气、缓解抑郁、提高营养吸收能力、 肌肉及脑部发育以增强学习能力。

Product Details:

  • Packing 包装规格: 70 ml/毫升 x 4 bottles/瓶 x 6boxes/盒
  • Ingredients 成份: Water 水, Yam 山药, Bittergourd juice 苦瓜汁, Licourice 甘草, Poria cocos 茯苓 and Panax Ginseng 人参. 


Direction of Use :

Consume one bottle per day, preferable in the morning before food.

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